Meals and Macros


Protein Carb Protein Carbs Fats Calories
Egg Bites Potato 20g 10g 7g 250cal
Beef Potato 30g 30g 12g 375cal
Beef Rice 30g 30g 12g 375cal
Beef Pasta 30g 30g 12g 375cal
Beef No Carb 30g 5g 12g 280cal
Beef Keto 30g 5g 22g 360cal
Turkey Burger 30g 40g 7g 350cal
Turkey Rice 30g 30g 11g 375cal
Turkey No Carb 30g 5g 11g 280cal
Turkey Keto 30g 5g 21g 360cal
Chicken Salad 30g 5g 6g 275cal
Chicken Potato 30g 30g 8g 375cal
Chicken Rice 30g 30g 8g 375cal
Chicken Pasta 30g 30g 8g 375cal
Chicken No Carb 30g 5g 8g 250cal
Chicken Keto 30g 5g 18g 350cal
Tilapia Rice 30g 25g 6g 300cal
Protein Pancakes 20g 15g 5g 200 cal
Over Night Oats 20g 30g 5g 250 cal
Plant Based Burger 20g 35g 8g 335cal
Plant Based Mediterranean Salad 20g 40g 6g 295cal
Plant Based Falafel & Hummus 20g 35g 10g 345cal


  • All macro numbers are rounded up.
  • Sauces and seasonings are 5-20 calories in range.
  • Due to a rotating menu macros are subject to change.
  • *These statements have not been approved by the FDA